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Microsoft and Reliance Jio team up to ink 10-year cloud deal to transform India's Cloud Computing.

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Reliance Jio- a well known Indian Network Operator has announced a 10-year partnership with Microsoft Cloud Computing product Azure.

The Reliance-Microsoft Partnership could help extend Joi's services to India's Booming Startup Ecosystem.

 aims to utilize and promote Azureand  spearhead the Digital Transformation that India is witnessing due to the 'Digital India' initiative of the Modi Government.

Big two alliance is expected to manifest into various initiatives in the Cloud Space in India.  Jio will set up Data Centers across India with Azure at it's core and  will also move all its non-network applications to Microsoft's Azure.

Reliance Jio’s connectivity infrastructure is expected to promote the adoption of Azure as part of the company’s Cloud-First Strategy to various Blue Chip Companies in India.

The biggest gainer is the Startup's and will get easy and world class access to Cloud Infrastructure through Jio. India's SMB's who are already reaping the Cloud Wave will benefit from the various Cloud Based Productivity Apps that Jio provides in the Azure Cloud Platform. Jio also has solutions will also cater to Larger and Mega Companies with Microsoft's offerings. 

Data Analytics, Blockchain, AI and IoT are the present Leading Technologies powering the SMBs and the Jio-Microsoft Alliance is expected to drive growth in this segment while Accelerating Tech Growth in India.

India's Cloud Computing Market size is expected to surpass the $7 Billion mark by 2022 and is also expected to Create 1 Million Jobs in the Cloud Computing Space.

But apart from this, speculations do exist in the Asian Cloud Computing Market particularly India which is yet to catch up in terms of Last Mile Connectivity, availability of uninterrupted Power Supply, and Business Cost / Sustainability.

However, The areas companies can leverage is the availability of Skilled Workforce for Large Scale Cloud Adoption.

According to Mukesh Ambani, The head of Jio "We now have the capability to develop truly India-native solutions, including speech recognition and natural language understanding for all major Indian languages and dialects." Ambani is also the Richest Man of Asia with a net worth of $46.2 Billion according to Forbes.

This seems to be very true as India's vast population and hundreds of languages is now under Cheaper Pricing Models are expected to arise out of the JIO-Microsoft Alliance. This is evident from Jio's Cheap Price High Volume Business strategy in it's telecom operations in India which is widely seen as a successful model.

Reliance's foray into the cloud services market could intensify competition in an Indian market dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS), say analysts. This also could give rise to a price war with AWS and Google for alternative Cheap Pricing Models - either way the customer is all set to benefit.

Ambani his known to disrupt India's Telecoms Industry in 2016 when he launched Jio Digital Life with Free Voice and cut-price Mobile Data Plans, pushing some rivals out of business and forcing others to match Jio's Mobile Tariffs, face stiff Price Competition and consolidate in an already crowded sector that once comprised more than 10 carriers. 

Addressing Reliance Shareholders via a recorded Video Message, Microsoft's Indian-born Chief Executive Satya Nadella said: "Together, we will offer comprehensive technology solutions – from Compute and Storage, to Connectivity and Productivity – to Small and Medium Businesses everywhere in the Country."

With Inputs from: The Economic Times

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Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is ideally a highly automated cloud computing model enabling users' to self-provision computing resources complemented with storage capacity and networking solutions on an on-demand basis. 
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Michelle is an Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Kubernetes, Cloud Computing, Go, Ruby on Rails. Passionate about the impact of open source software and end user experiences. Strong engineering professional with a Computer Science degree and research background from The University of Georgia.

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Sarah focuses on Open Source; Cloud and Utility Computing; Infrastructure automation; and Data (big and small; relational and non-relational).

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Abby Fuller – Senior Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

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Abby is a Sr Technical Evangelist and software engineer at Amazon Web Services.
 Before she joined Amazon, she worked at a number of startups, including Airtime and Hailo.

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Talk by Tanya Janca, Application Security Technical Advisor

Tanya Janca – Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Tanya is a senior cloud advocate for Microsoft, she specializes in application security; evangelizing software security and advocating for developers through public speaking,

She also advocates her open source project OWASP DevSlop, and various forms of teaching via workshops, blogs and community events.”

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Accessing software and services delivered through internet from any location at lightning speed from cloud servers and from almost every device is revolutionizing computing strategies for startup companies in India.

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