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Should Startup Enterprises be Cloud-Ready ?

This is a million dollar question: However, from the perspective of technology, the answer is Yes!

"Cloud services today have become the cornerstone of an Startup Enterprise’s IT Infrastructure and the Benefits derived by both the Enterprise and their Customers is Phenomenal."


"Starting right is today's mantra"

Right and scalable technology in the first place gives an edge and lead for any Startup venture.

They say that the first impression is the best impression and that is very important from customer's perspective. Imagine, even if your first would-be customer bounces off due to a bad user experience while using your newly launched products or services then, take my word, this is a double sure sign of a downfall.

The 80:20 Rule: Technology

"80% of the Startups fail to gain traction and succumb whilst 20% see the light of the day and it’s also true that 80% of the reasons for success of 20% of the Startups seem to be Choosing the Right Technology for your Startup."

It has to be understood that, the initial days of Startup is the break-in time and is crucial period such being the case, the initial technology deployment for the business to get going is also as crucial.

Cloud Isn’t Too Big

"Cloud technology is not too complex or expensive."

As most Startup's think and yet, there is no one-size-fits-all-users Cloud service, which also means that most organizations are deploying and using a multitude of Cloud services which fits their needs and bill and a plethora of options do exist to choose from, like the - Pay as you use service.

The Deciding Factors

"Moving your apps and services to the Cloud initially itself is definitely the right and significant decision."

But that doesn’t mean that Cloud is right for everyone. You know that Cloud Environments are Fast, Scalable, Reliable and highly Available BUT is that the only considerations driving your decision? Sometimes NOT.  

Read on...

Should your Startup be Cloud Ready in the initial days?

Sometimes it’s quite right to Start with the right foot forward known as the best foot first:

"It’s better to anticipate and be prepared than to drown in some problem and extend the learning curve and then comeback with a scar."

Is Cloud Technology is right for your Startup?

Here, I have listed a checklist wherein you can access for yourself:

. Cloud Computing offers increased Agility, Flexibility, Redundancy and Resiliency that is unmatched.

· If you are looking for Ease of use, Speed and Performance, leveraging the Cloud is the right choice.

· The biggest advantage is that you don't need to invest on: expensive Servers, Network devices and Specialized Software to start with.

· You are a firm believer in Disruptive technology and also believe that your application will experience increased traffic immediately or in the near future the moment it hits the market. Then, you should definitely consider Cloud because of the amazing Resources Scaling that Cloud provides.

· You learn that your clients are super quick and they may aspire for quick Application Development and Deployment and that means, your response time needs to be in sync too, Then again Cloud is the right choice for you.

· You find that your Clients want to expand their business geographically and you would not want to miss the opportunity to catch up with them. Going global and breaking the geographic barriers is the single most Advantage of Cloud Computing.

· As a Business Strategy you plan to quickly link-up with other services providers to add value to your Business and to leverage existing markets. Don't worry about the interface intricacies, 'API' is the key. Using API (Application Program Interface) interfacing with any other service provider is a breeze: For example, you can have an API with major hospitals databases and use it to develop a SaaS Application on them.

· Back of your mind if your priority is to Keep the Operational Costs as low as possible while increasing IT Effectiveness then do not think twice because when you work out the cost over a period of time say one year and compare it with self hosted traditional computing you can definitely see tangible savings while maintaining World Class Technology edge.

· Anticipating huge Data Storage needs? do you want to keep up with growing storage needs of both your employees and your client’s then Cloud storage is the best option:

"Cloud nowadays is synonymous with Storage."

· Cloud storage like the Google box offers unlimited storage plans at a small premium (Bare minimum storage at a personal device level itself is in terabytes these days!).

· You don't want to take a chance of losing your labor of love, your Startup and want your IT setup to be Disaster Proof then, Cloud is a blessing in such a situation. Cloud DR Systems can be implemented much more quickly and easily while allowing far better control and availability of resources. (losing valuable data to disaster would be the biggest nightmare for any Startup, so be prepared).

· Don't want to cram in all the employees in one Development Center? Office space nowadays comes at a premium hence, you would like to build a Distributed Development Team with Remote Access for your Employees to work from and your Clients to Service. Then, Cloud services provides this access and enables seamless communication between your Demographically spread up Teams and Customers.

· You want to Focus on your Domain Area all the time and don't want to get bogged down handling all the complexities of upgrading underlying Server Software, you also would not like to add more head count in your IT team to handle Data Backups and Recovery which could be cumbersome, costly and time consuming, in this situation, some Cloud provider will take care of Data Backup and Restore automatically, they can even handle Systems Administration tasks like Software Patches and periodic maintenance particularly the Security Updates which are indispensable.

· Adhering to Best Practices gives Credibility and Authority to your Business and Processes, your Website or App's performance will dictate the Best Practices you have put in place and speaks tonnes on your Brand. Hence, in my opinion, an early bird Startup must leverage on the most Current Technologies and Tools in the market to win Customer Confidence.

· One important parameter that Startup's should consider during Technology Selection is the Monitoring aspect. It is necessary to keep track of important events like the applications up-time, response time and the issues that are cropping up. Cloud tools offer excellent monitoring capabilities and provide information which are vital to a Startup company.

· Analytics - Is another area of benefit, you can precisely see where you customers are from geographically and how long they signed in, their user behavior can be easily tracked too.

In today's business scenario:

"Knowing your Customers well is directly proportional to the success of your Startup."

Have you ever thought about Documentation?

If not, let me mention, its the least thought about matter by a Startup but it’s one the most vital, particularly for early stage Startups.

"Documentation is the key for transparency and for continuity of business and for implementing systems and procedures."

Imagine a key person has suddenly quit your team, in such a situation, clear documentation of his/her work process saves the day, you could find an alternative person to handle the same work straight away when you know the intricacies of their job functioning on a day to day basis, systems and procedures need to be well documented which enables right action rather than larking around in the dark when in crises.

"Doing Business without proper Documentation is a Sin." - Krish Madampath.


"Centralized Documentation with Easy Access is an Hallmark to a Cloud Implementation and Adds Credibility to Startup."

The Bottleneck factor  

One major concern about Cloud computing in India is the availability of High Speed, Cheap and Reliable Internet Connection.  

The entire purpose is jeopardized if proper internet connectivity is lacking, but things are looking up after the advent of extensive 4G and WiFi services in India at the moment.  


While it’s not uncommon for Startup's to go in favor of Legacy Computing Technology by thinking of Scaling-up later as and when the demand calls for, but, that’s a huge mistake!

Surviving and succeeding in the farm of competition with Established Giants in the same Business means:

"Scaling to the Latest Technology right from the day one of launch itself and providing Value and "wow" Customer Experience could be a major deciding factor for a Startup's Success."

(Pic Credit: Pixabay)

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