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Cloud Backup - Choosing the Right Data Backup Strategy for your Startup

To understand the Cloud Data Backup solution, lets first examine the need, I have listed out some of the prime factors that needs to be taken into account while choosing a Cloud Backup Solution Provider.

Startup companies face the challenges to deal with basically two categories of data viz..

  • The Customer's data (most valuable)
  • Company's own data

Why is the Customer's data more valuable?

Just because Customer data means Business, Customer data means Asset, Customer data needs protection particularly if the quantum of data is huge, Let me emphasis that responsible handling of Customer data also represents a Startups maturity and growth in a way, last but not the least, Customer data is bound by the privacy policies and needs to be best protected with encryption and viewed with care if Startups want to build credibility and long term success in their chosen discipline.

How to Protect the Customer's data?

This is where Cloud Backup Hosting Services come to play, and is needed for both small and large companies particularly for growing organisations, Cloud Backup Hosting Services not only provide backup of vital data but most of the Cloud service providers also provide data encryption services which is a good measure to protect valuable data.

What are the advantages of Cloud Backup Hosting Services?

A Startup Company's primary focus would be 'Business Continuity (or) Sustenance' and 'Low Operational Cost'

And thus Startups look for Flexible, Salable, Accessible, Secure with real time security and Low on IT budget solutions to backup and handle data. The above need is met with a good Cloud Backup Hosting Service Provider.

The Major advantages of Cloud Hosting are:

1. Offsite Data Storage - Data is Stored in off-site data-center thus not warranting upfront investment which is a huge benefit for any startup company, the saving also reflect in energy and space too above all, the maintenance cost of hardware and software is eliminated.

2. Data Sharing - Collaborative working is the order of the day and the ability to manage data centrally from all remote sites and offices is a big plus and adds up to productivity and growth of the startup, there is even an option to select the geographical location of servers closest to ones branch offices thus enabling faster data transfers.

3. Data on cloud and data security - Cloud Backup Hosting Services are very secure and comparable to on-site hosted data, choose a provider that offers good level of data encryption along with password configuration and management, digital signatures and automated processes without any agent in-between. It is best recommended to encrypt and compress data before transmitting to third party data-centers thus can be sure of data safety.

4. Time is money - Time is very vital for data as every data is time stamped, thus, Ensure timely backup generation either on a continuous basis or a daily basis according to the need backup has to be ensured, reporting of data, monitoring of data is very vital when choosing a Cloud Backup Hosting Service Provider.

5. Destruction of Data - Some times data needs to be killed and cleaned up. Killing data is as vital as data generation. Meaning, the customers data like removed passwords and records needs to be garbaged ethically and thus its recommended that the destruction of data needs to be backed by digital certification.

6. With reliable backup comes reliable high speed data recovery - Data backup in itself is half done unless the data recovery is reliable and speedy, the advantages of cloud hosted backup is that the data is available anytime and anywhere for recovery and restoration unlike on-premises hosted backup.

“Multiple data recovery / restoration options are an hallmark of a good cloud backup service provider who may provide one step recovery and even recovery of damaged files.”


"Startup companies can leverage the benefits of Cloud Backup by selecting the right Cloud Backup Hosting Service Provider who can provide reliable and secure data backup solution on cloud."

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