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How Can SMB's benefit from Cloud Computing?

"SMB's are as important as the major corporations to any country's economy, these companies has the potential to become the future pioneers and building blocks for large multinational corporations."

SMB's are also a huge market in itself and the need for Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage is no-doubt most necessary in the present markets driven by price competition.

SMB's are also prone to cash crunch and investing in data center and software is definitely taxing on the pockets.

As an Small and Medium Business organisation why should you move your computing and data onto the Cloud?

To explain this, I have listed out a some of the Benefits one derives from Cloud Computing

(a) Data Protection - Imagine there is an untoward incident of fire or storm and your data center is under threat, what would you do? the continuation of your business would be at stake. But keeping your data on Cloud would ensure safety from such incidents.

(b) Flexible work environment - Work from home is useful when an employee is not able to make it to the office due to bad weather etc., A secure internet connection is all that needed to execute the tasks.

(c) Latest Updates - As an SMB keeping machines / software and tools current and updated is a challenge in itself, Cloud providers usually take care of these aspects and thus lead to savings.

(d) Savings - Another savings area is Pay for only what you use. In this model resources are dynamically scaled when needed and charged only on the actual usage which is a boon the SMB in terms of cost savings.


“Maintaining the technological edge and superiority in products and services with dynamic scalability of resources whilst maintaining cost control is the key for SMB's to grow and prosper, Right Cloud technology aids in this process.”

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