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Choosing a reliable Cloud backup service for your Startups offsite data backup.

"Offsite backup is the data that is stored outside one's work premises and with the Cloud backup service provider so that it can be dynamically accessed from various geographic locations and restored as and when needed."


The infrastructure the Cloud service Company such as state of the art Data centers.


The geographic availability of those Cloud Data centers to close proximity of the country you conduct your Startup business, Latency is the time taken for a packet of data to get from your premises to the Cloud Infrastructure, for example if your startup business is in Japan or Singapore, its best to choose a Cloud service provider who has presence in Asia.


Cost is a major deciding factor for a Startup Company, Cost per GB of data backed-up needs to be assessed before finalizing the Cloud Storage provider.


Reliability of the Service provider s a major concern as you trust and place all your data with. It needs to be checked if multiple copies of backups are retained by the service provider to ensure reliability, some providers offer more than five parallel backups to ensure reliability.


This is also a major factor to be considered as even though the data is encrypted, it need to be kept in completely confidentiality and trust.

Support Level

Some companies go that extra mile to support 24/7 in the true sense whereas a majority of them stay with the 9-5 format for live support and rest through email support.

Quality of Service

This reflects in the Up-time and Availability of backup data, the performance of the customer response team is also reflected here.


While there is no compromise on this one, the most important factor to be considered when choosing your Cloud data backup provider is the trust factor and the reputation of the service provider as a trusted partner in the industry, the forms ToS and its accountability for the data is of paramount importance in the present context.

The above are some of the basic factors to be considered while choosing a Cloud backup service for your offsite data backup.

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