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Top Five Benefits of Moving your Startup Business Apps on Cloud

Accessing software and services delivered through internet from any location at lightning speed from cloud servers and from almost every device is revolutionizing computing strategies for startup companies in India.

Today, For startup businesses, cloud adoption is an important business strategic decision. 

You need to choose both the apps as well as the cloud service provider. 

The transformation from traditional hosting to cloud hosting is now happening in India.

As a Startup company, listed here are the Top Five benefits you'll  reap by moving your business apps on to the cloud:

1. Enterprise mobility: 

What does enterprise mobility mean?

Accessing information from anywhere and anytime seamlessly across geographic location using an internet connection giving an instant and secure access to all your data.

This way, you are not tied up to a single computing station or a single geographic office any more and offers you the flexibility to work and serve a global audience.

2. Secure your data:

Your data in the Cloud server is free from single point hacking attacks and system crashes due to a natural disaster or system crash.

A good Cloud service provider will ensure less data vulnerability and ensures prompt backup and retrieval systems in place.

3. Cost of ownership:

One of the biggest business challenges a startup company faces is cost control.

Cloud migration is an ideal choice for the startup because you get to pay for only what you need and then as your expand your horizons you could buy more resources to cater to a wider geographic markets.

Save on initial cost of setting business.

4. Test Launch:

This is a boon to any startup.

 Imagine owning costly IT Infrastructure to try out an app your startup has just launched and you are not yet sure of the market size or its acceptance, now imagine, if you are given the flexibility to test run your apps and all its functionalities in world class cloud servers at a fraction of the cost of owning something, is it not a huge benefit?

If your app clicks you scale up else you change your strategy.

That's it.

5. User Experience:

If our believe in customer delight and not mere customer satisfaction, you need to provide user customizable applications based on his or her needs.

You also need to provide an excellent user interface and functionalities and all this at top speeds.  

Look forward to port your website / apps on to the cloud server and see this happening seamlessly so you will have enough time to focus on your domain of interest 'Innovation'.

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