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Welcome to CloudEDP
 Cloud for India and Startups

CloudEDP - Cloud Electronic Data Processing

Provides resourceful Insight and Reviews on Products, Services and Latest Cutting Edge Technologies Provided by Leading Providers in the Cloud Computing Space.

This information is intended for both Startups and Enterprises to leverage the benefits of Cloud thus enabling Smarter/Cost effective Business and IT decisions.

CloudEDP also aspires to be a Platform powerful enough to decipher the Cloud Technology in its simpler format to the Startup Entrepreneur and aims to flatten the otherwise steep learning curve / complexities and present it in a simple form thus enabling to obtain qualified Leads/Businesses both for the Cloud Providers and Value/Technology Leadership to the budding Startups.

"Year 2017-18 was the year of the cloud for startups and enterprises in India."

Cloud market in India is all set to witness a boom in the years to come particularly for Indian Startups and Enterprises.

Factors that drive the Cloud Technology in India are:

1.  The cloud market is fueled by both Global and Domestic Initiatives.

2. The India Government's initiative to bring in Citizen Services Online is a major push.

3. The Ambitious Tax Reforms in India like the Implementation of GST could translate more businesses under the taxation net and thus aiding Fair Trade Policy paving way for a business boom.

4. Today’s Business Startups are entering the bandwagon with a Digital Business Strategy in place thus further propelling the Cloud use.

5. There is now a trend of Startups in India eyeing for High Performance as well as Improved Productivity over a long-term period, thus, these business are trying to Build Applications that are Scalable and suitable for the public cloud platform.

6. The Cloud foundation was laid in India 2016, the momentum gained in 2017 and the coming years the "Cloud market in India is all set to Mature".

7. Digital Payments and compulsory Cashless Transactions directives by Government of India to promote Accountable Business Income are opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the Cloud space to increase volumes.

8. Indian Government's Digital India Initiatives are driving huge Infrastructure growth and further onus on the reach of the internet to remotest parts of India, this Last Mile Connectivity lays the foundation for Cloud growth in India.

9. A study by Deskera (A global cloud-based software provider), the Indian public Cloud market is bound to reach $1.75 billion by the year end 2017. (surpassed $1.80 Billion) and is worth $4.1 Billion by 2020 according to Forbes report.

10. The Startups in India are highly tech savvy and eyeing the Smartphone market with Data Connectivity and providing its users a plethora of IT services over the mobile network and this is expected to give cloud services a fillip.

11. IT majors like Google Cloud / Google Dataflow ,  Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and Microsoft have presence in the Indian market and offer Cloud services at Competitive Price (The price war has begun).

12. Established organizations in India are Migrating from Legacy Systems to Cloud Platforms, this is a billion dollar market poised to bloom in India in the coming years.

13. The Government of India's 'Smart City' concept of creating hi-tech Green Cities is poised to give further onus to Digital Business.

14. The Falling Data Prices, Particularly, 4G rates for unlimited data usage is the right atmosphere for massive internet usage by a billion citizens in India thus will further fuel the demand and Cloud bloom.

"CloudEDP will closely watch the Cloud implementations / migration and Allied High-end Technologies in the Indian context and bring you feedback and reviews."

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