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What is cloud hosting?

Websites hosted on the cloud hosting platform  typically operate across diverse web servers, which are interconnected and across various geographies, data is usually rendered from multiple servers, which could be located in different parts of the world. 

This  will help to cater a large customer base spread across the globe. All the users will be able to access the data as if it's locally available. The servers seamlessly speak to one another and the content delivery networks (CDN) ensure the text, graphics and video is seamlessly streamed to a wide audience utilizing massive computing power of the interconnected computers in different geographical locations and serving the data to the user from his or her nearest available cloud server. 

A massive surge in number of users or server load is handled with ease by distributing the load and dynamically scaling up the resources as and when needed thus a surge from a thousand users to a few million concurrent users is just instantly possible on the cloud.

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